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5 Tips for Novice Graphic Designers

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In The Beginning At the beginning of your graphic design career, you may hear the same advice over and over again–“Get familiar with all software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Read books on design.” Though this information is invaluable, as a newbie there are still a few other things […]

Painting Isn’t Bad Start…


Annette you are not going to believe what happened! We were at the park getting everything ready for the family reunion. Johnny was at home with the baby, sleeping in a bit. I was nervous because it was the first time I left the baby but it’s been 3 weeks and honestly the break was nice. Everyone had arrived and finally Johnny pulled in with some porn for family. When he got out of the car and headed toward me, smiling, I was like, “Um, honey, where’s the baby?” He froze in his tracks, gasped, and ran back to the car. New Daddy had forgotten the baby at home!

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DontBreakMe! – she said and I did what she asked me… Broke her!

This should give you a thought… step-sister love! It’s all about crazy family relations these days!

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6 Informative Graphic Design Magazines

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The 411 on Graphic Design Society defines graphic design as a process or work for organizing, selecting, coordinating, and projecting a number of elements to create visual objects that are meant to communicate specific messages to an audience or specific groups. Graphic designs cover a variety of different aspects. The […]

Leading Graphic Design Schools in the U.S.

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The 411 on Graphic Design Graphic design is a discipline and profession that devises and projects messages through an image. Graphic design is also called ‘visual communication’ because it involves an intimate relationship with the media. The graphic design practice develops and implements visual messages that provide information, stylistic aspects […]

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